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It appears to be the modern day thinking that a newly formed Pentecostal church must make haste and belong to one of the established groups of churches in order to survive. These groups of churches are recognised by society as giving credibility to a church and some would say that a new church that is not part of one of these organisations will have no credibility or standing amongst churches. It is also not uncommon for schools belonging to established denominations to disqualify young applicants based on their attendance of a church which does not belonging to one of these groups of churches.


The position of the Pastor of this House is that he will have no part in participating in the division of the body of Christ. The unity of the churches is the will of heaven not borders. Groups of churches have created their own borders requiring conditions to join. And seeing that these are the body of Christ, we must then ask the question; is Christ divided? Did Jesus set up His churches to be competitors? The Pastor of this House entered into ministry by call and not by church promotion or personal ambition and was given a clear purpose. Therefore to give up this plan and this call and to place this House under the hand of another shepherd or group of churches without the Lord's clear direction will not be a decision he will be willing to make regardless of the lack of church credibility or recognition in society.


Currently this House is not a member of or seeking to join with any group of churches but is open to form links with churches that are willing to come alongside in the unity of the faith, cooperation, and on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ as the early church once did.

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