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The Bible teaches that when God is about to do a new thing He gives this plan or vision to His chosen servant who will fulfil that plan. The plan is always given to one man (or woman) to hold onto and to fulfil. Even though that one person may have lots of help, he or she is forever the vision holder and the one that God directs.


The man Noah was chosen to build the Ark so that humanity can be saved. Although many did not believe in what he was doing he had the help of close family members and God gave him the construction specifications for the building of the Ark. He was also the only one that had the spiritual authority to speak to the gathered animals and they responded.


The man Abraham was chosen to be the father of many nations. God allowed his family to be separated from him because he alone was called to inherit the land. Abraham was the vision holder and God fulfilled His plan through Abraham because he trusted in God and withstood the test of time.


The man Joseph was chosen to be the saviour of the house of Israel. When God revealed this to him his family did not believe what he told them and his brothers even mocked him. Like Abraham, God allowed Joseph to be separated from his family in order for the plan to be fulfilled. Even though God humbled Joseph in Egypt for 13 years Joseph held on to the vision by faith until it was fulfilled.


We also know about the man Moses and quite a few others like him that were called of God to fulfil unique tasks. God allowed Moses to be separated from his family and humbled for many years in exile until the time of the fulfilment of the vision. His call was to deliver Israel out of Egypt which he accomplished.


In like manner God has called the Shepherd of this House to a clear purpose and the plan will shortly be fulfilled. As Joseph's family regarded not Joseph's vision as plausible, similarly God's plan and vision for the Pastor of this House has not been regarded, and so he has had to stand alone. Doesn't this sound familiar? Nevertheless, the time of the fulfilment of vision is at hand. The plan of God for this House is dependent on the faith and obedience of the servant whom God has called; the faith and standing of the Pastor alone - even as it was with Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David, and Noah.