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Vision of the House

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The call of the Shepherd and the vision of this House are one and the same. God's purpose for the Pastor was revealed in April of 2010 four months after the Church began. During a morning Service, the Holy Spirit gave a dear Sister in Christ who was deep in the Spirit, firm instruction to give to the Pastor the whole chapter of Isaiah 62. When she came to herself she was emphatic. This was the very first prophetic Word of direction given to the Pastor ever since the church began.


The Place of Refuge

The whole chapter of Isaiah 62 pertains to the salvation of the Church. It instructs the Lord’s chosen shepherd of his role in the salvation of God’s holy people. It makes mention of the gates of the place of refuge, the storage of food and drink in the holy place against the time of judgement, and the raising up of God’s holy standard for the life and living of the people who will soon come for refuge. The chosen shepherd will first be forsaken of all, then in the end, sought out by many. This whole chapter reflects the essence of the call of Moses, and was given for the call of the House and her shepherd.


Death to Life

A few weeks later God gave another Sister in Christ who was a visiting member of another church an elaborate vision to give to the Pastor. This dear Sister had the gift of visions. God showed her a large tall building which represented this House (the church). Almost all the windows in the skyscraper were darkened but a few which had lights on and the building was located in a town also in darkness. The dark building was soon cut down by the sword, destroyed, and raised back up again but in bright stonework from a bright stone foundation. This was done by the power of God by the same silver sword of the Pastor. This prophetic vision showed God’s immediate plan for the House. The first part showing the spiritual death of the House and the forsaking of it is fulfilled. The second part showing the rising of the church back to life is about to come to pass. The House is ordained to go from death to life for God's purpose to be fulfilled in this end time. As it was with the destruction and the rebuilding of Solomon's Temple, so also will it be with this House, and the pastor is called to stand faithful and see this miraculous transformation take place. The timescale for the raising up of the House to new life is at hand. When the new birth begins then the place of refuge will be secured. Thereafter the new sanctuary and its surrounding buildings will be built to accomplish the will of God.